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SLO County Speakers Bureau

The SLO County Speakers Bureau matches speakers to groups needing a speaker.  Our clients include speakers, meeting planners and groups – so we have a strong base of contacts from which to match speakers to organizations.  In addition, if an organization/meeting planner has a specific topic needed for their program, or requests a speaker, we will be happy to research topic experts and reach out to engage the speaker requested.

We provide this same matching service for organizations needing training or workshops.  Training and workshops can be conducted in person, as ongoing study courses or online in interactive webinars.

There are many organizations which have weekly or monthly meetings which require a short 20-30 minute program and do not pay a speakers fee.  And there are many people who want to speak to these groups – some are professional speakers wanting to get experience and exposure, some are people “with a mission” who want to spread the word, and many are community leaders willing to share information with interested people.

For a nominal fee, we will provide that match.  We charge $10/match, and our clients include speakers and organizations.  This service works very well for:

·         People wanting to launch careers as professional speakers

·         Professional speakers wanting to introduce new topics

·         Authors wanting to promote their books

·         Service organizations such as Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions and Quota Club

·         Chambers of Commerce

·         Non-profits wanting to “spread the word”

·         Event organizers promoting events

·         Politicians and community leaders needing to share information

Whether you are a meeting planner needing a keynote speaker for a conference, a business needing training for employees, a group needing speakers for your weekly/monthly meetings or a speaker looking for opportunities to speak – we’d love to work with you to make those matches.

Contact Cheri Grimm at or 805-528-1360 for more information and to discuss how we might work together to match your speaking needs and opportunities.

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